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Branding, Illustration and Print Designer
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‘This is Our Island!’ is a children's picture book for 5–7-year-olds created with the aim to raise awareness of current global issues such as immigration and teach children the importance of treating others with kindness no matter the differences. The project was completed using sketches, traditional textures and the digital software Procreate. The finished book features full colour pages with hand drawn illustrations showcasing two central characters - Harriet the Hare and Peter the Puffin. The book is campaigned through social media, print and installation with bookshop window displays to raise further awareness of the project. 


‘The Secret Experience’ project was completed in response to a given brief to help encourage 20–30-year-olds to purchase and enjoy ballet at the Royal Opera House for the first time. Here the project was campaigned through use of digital, print, branding and a live hashtag for the overall outcomes. Instilling ‘undercover marketing’ to create excitement about the immersive event helped to further encourage young people to experience ballet as an artform. This immersive event was based around Shakespeare performances with allusive slogans used for each design, to help encourage conversations around the event.

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