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Chloe Daborn

Branding, Marketing and Print Design 

Pawtions is a healthy dog food brand which supports new dog owners, aged 16-34, in providing a nutritional diet for their pets. Three product ranges are available, each categorised by age, using colour and imagery to support their distinction; these products can be purchased individually or as a multipack. Pawtions promotes its products through social media and print marketing, which is situated in high-traffic areas, shopping centres and veterinary practices, to boost engagement with its target demographic. 


Cinwiches were conceptualised in response to the ‘DR Firestarter’s ‘Mash up, Liven Up’ brief’, whereby two unlikely brands collaborate to develop a new product, service or experience. Cinnabon was first introduced to the UK in 2020 and to help establish the brand to new consumers, this campaign works alongside Ben & Jerry’s. Putting a playful twist on the classic ice cream sandwich, cinwiches allow consumers to select their favourite Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and place it within a warm cinnamon bun. This collaboration primarily targets consumers aged 18-25, achieved through location, tone of voice and marketing strategies. Basing the launch in London Westfields not only ensures accessibility to a broader audience, but the location's popularity will evoke a sales incline. 

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