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Tom Charlton

Information Graphics, Motion Graphics, Illustration and Advertising

The Okapi Exhibition is an exhibition and information graphics project about the rare and endangered okapi, this hypothetical exhibition is located at ZSL London Zoo. There are three outcomes for this project. There are three illustrated posters that cover three themes, a three-minute explainer animation and an souvenir trifold leaflet which the audience can learn more about the okapi. 


The Twister Helter-Skelter is a guerilla marketing campaign based on the Walls Ice-Cream product “Twister”. This is a zone where a helter-skelter is centre stage in the traditional Twister colours. The narrative of this zone starts at a ticket booth where they will be given a free ticket to ride the helter-skelter which then can be used to receive a free Twister and an on-ride photo (photo collection point). Illustration and mock-ups were used to create the zone and keeping the original Twister colours to help establish familiarity with the brand. 

Okapi Video  


Major Project Presentation  



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