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Katie Richardson

Branding, Advertising, Print Design. 

Lamina is a new disposable film camera brand encouraging an 18 to 25 audience to capture life’s unscripted moments and reject the 'perfect photo' ideal. The brand aims to revitalize the industry with its fun, energetic aesthetic and hand-drawn vector elements and typefaces, evoking it’s spirited and authentic brand identity. The cameras come in 4 distinct camera colour variations, packaged in a unique box design with an inbuilt wrist strap handle, enabling functionality and visual appeal. Lamina cameras are promoted through print, social media and also via PR packages sent out to influencers to generate publicity and showcase the new brand. 


‘Equinox Festival’ was a project completed in response to a D&AD New Blood brief from Universal Music involving new branding and poster design for their autumn staff music festival. Celebrating neurodiversity among Universal Music staff, the branding features a simple sans-serif typeface, minimal colour palette, and vector designs for enhanced readability. In-venue branding includes clear signage, quiet areas, and branded earplugs to assist in a sensory-friendly experience. Additional marketing alongside the posters consists of email marketing, social media and promotional stickers to create excitement surrounding the festival. 

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